4 Reasons Why Creators Need to Use Generative AI

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AI tools are here. We don’t have a choice in this matter.

The choice we do have is whether we leverage them, or choose to risk being left behind.

The Moat Between Established Creators and New Creators Just Got Smaller

People are now able to create things faster and skills we used to be able to lean on as a moat, or competitive advantage, can now be automated.

While many of us will maintain an advantage because of pure talent, experience, and credibility, the margin between “great” and “good” content certainly just got smaller for everyone.

New players who were previously prevented from entering the market due to a technical skills gap now have AI as their content creation partner. Everyone can publish blog posts, videos, and images at scale with a normalized quality bar that is much better than the previous status quo.

Naysayers who discount the current quality of AI’s written text outputs are partially right — it’s by no means perfect yet.

How long will that be the case? With how fast this technology just moved, the position that AI content quality won’t improve further is not a position I would personally bet on.

If you are in the naysayer camp, then this article is not written to try and sway you.

For everyone else, I’d like to share my take on the reasons creators and professionals across industries should adopt AI in order to maintain their positions and market share.

The reasons creators should use Generative AI are covered in this article:

  1. The Rest of the Market Will Use Generative AI
  2. You Can Create More of the Content Your Audience Loves
  3. You Can Outsource Busy Work to AI
  4. It’s an opportunity to Keep up With the Latest Technology

1. The Rest of the Market Will Use Generative AI

Key takeaway: everyone else is going to use AI to help them create content. You should, too, in order to maintain your lead.

As more creators adopt AI tools to streamline their processes and create quality content faster, anyone who chooses not to will be losing ground in their respective field.

It’s easy for anyone to create half-decent written content with a few ChatGPT clicks. The same goes for video content creation, with tools like Synthesia and InVideo hitting the market.

This is good news for anyone looking to start creating content or building a personal brand alongside their day job. The learning curve as a new creator is now shorter, as AI can help with tasks like writing, video editing, graphic design, and others that are used to prevent people from creating content.

Generative AI for Established Creators

It is also great news if you are an established creator. That’s because you have the currency everyone else is chasing: the trust of your audience. AI can be used just like any other tool you currently use to create content and delight your audience.

If you have an existing audience, you must have done a few things right already in terms of working hard to create a ton of content and investing time in genuinely connecting with people.

Look at AI as an opportunity to do more of those things rather than a phony imposter that will make your content somehow less genuine or authentic.

For example, if you are a podcaster, what if you start using ChatGPT to help you brainstorm podcast episode ideas, or to write outlines for new episodes? This is an example of one way an established creator can use AI to optimize their work.

This will result in two things:

  1. The podcaster has more time to create podcast episodes.
  2. The podcaster’s audience will be able to consume more of the content they love.

That’s a win for both the supply and demand sides of the creator economy.

Factor in the possibility that for every established creator who will adopt this approach, there will be a new creator somewhere taking advantage of the same opportunity.

Now you see the big picture in terms of the way the content creation market has changed. Established creators have the opportunity to turn it into an advantage rather than giving up market share to new creators.

As for people who have always wanted to become content creators, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

2. You Can Create More of the Content Your Audience Loves

Key takeaway: AI can help you scale your content creation efforts beyond what is possible manually.

This is obvious, but worth emphasizing: AI technology is going to save content creators time.

Take our fictitious podcaster from the section above, for example. If they adopt AI into their podcast production workflow in a few areas, they will optimize their process and be able to create more podcast episodes than they could otherwise.

The same idea applies to other types of content creation:

  • Bloggers—bloggers can leverage generative AI tools for use cases like brainstorming blog post ideas, writing first drafts, and generating images to go with their articles.
  • YouTube Creators—YouTubers can use generative AI to brainstorm video ideas, write video outlines and scripts, produce fully generated videos, and cut down existing videos into YouTube Shorts and TikTok content.
  • Newsletter Authors—if you write a newsletter, you can leverage generative AI to be your writing partner, generate images for your newsletter, and help with content planning.

When you are trying to create as much quality content as you can, every minute saved counts. These are just a few basic examples of the very real ways creators are starting to use AI to speed up their content creation pipelines.

3. You Can Outsource Busy Work to AI

Key takeaway: You can have AI take care of tasks you hate doing.

Reason number three certainly overlaps with the time-saving point above, but I’d like to emphasize the mental aspect.

Plenty of people want to become content creators because it looks sexy from the outside. However, anyone who creates content on a regular basis knows it is grueling and takes a ton of flat-out hard work and consistency.

AI tools present an opportunity to take care of some of your tedious busy work tasks, which frees you up to focus more on engaging with your community, strategic planning, and the other aspects of being a creator that require your unique skills and expertise.

AI can help with activities like data analysis, keyword research, image generation, and even basic writing and editing tasks.

By leveraging AI’s capabilities, you can streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and do more of what you love.

4. It’s an opportunity to Keep up With the Latest Technology

Key takeaway: AI is coming to our favorite software tools, so we should embrace it and stay informed.

Nearly every digital platform we use is changing thanks to AI.

For example:

  • You can now create AI-generated images in Canva to help with basic design tasks.
  • Adobe introduced AI features in Photoshop to help professional designers create design assets.
  • HubSpot added AI copywriting tools for sales and marketing professionals.
  • Amazon implemented AI chatbots to help customers draft product reviews.

This trend is occurring across every category in the software as a service (SaaS) industry.

The tools you use every day are racing to adopt AI in order to keep up with their competitors. As a user, that means you need to monitor AI news and track the AI features coming to the tools you use if you want to keep up with these changes.

If you don’t learn to use AI now, it could be the equivalent of refusing to learn to use smartphones or social media initially—you risk falling behind on a technology trend that is happening at scale whether we like it or not.

I’m not saying you need to become obsessed with AI technology or to become a huge advocate.

I will say it is in your best interest to study how AI is being adopted in your industry, be open-minded about AI features coming to the tools you use, and learn those new features to keep pace.

Final Thoughts

Generative AI tools are about to have a massive impact on the creator economy.

This is an opportunity for new creators to learn to create content and build a following. It’s also an opportunity for established creators to refine their content creation process and maintain their competitive advantage.

Consider the points in this article as you debate whether or not you should embrace AI technology to fuel your own content creator dreams.

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