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A brand’s credential is its reputation. Its anchor. Its reason for existing. Successful brand names are synonymous with the value they provide to their consumer, and that is their credential, or reputation that makes them stand out in their market.

At Brand Credential, our own credential, or reason for existing, is simple: to give marketing advice that helps people grow and achieve their goals. Clean cut, straightforward, actionable marketing strategies that help businesses and personal brands of all sizes and niches.

Brand Credential’s marketing tips and guides range from simple steps you can take to improve specific marketing channels, to comprehensive strategies to elevate your brand’s growth. We hope you find our marketing advice helpful, and that you’ll follow suit and pass your own advice along to someone else when given the opportunity.

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Social Media Marketing
Social media profile setup, content publishing strategies, community management, and social media analytics.
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Content Marketing
Content marketing ideas, best practices, and resources across channels.
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Brand Development
Advice for brand building and brand awareness.
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PR and Communications
Strategies for media relations and brand communications.
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Blog content ideas, formatting best practices, and tips for using supporting blog technologies like analytics and publishing platforms.
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Website Creation
Website platform overviews, how-to's, and website creation tips.
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