Personal Branding for Hairstylists - Benefits, Tips and Examples of Hairstylist Personal Brands

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As a hairstylist, personal branding and self-promotion are crucial for success. By creating a personal brand image for you and your hairstyling business, you are presenting your skills to potential clients and showcasing what they can expect from your services. 

A strong brand presence will make you stand out from competitors, help you grow your business, attract new clients, and build trust and loyalty with existing clients. 

To help you build your own personal brand as a hairstylist, in this blog post we will review the benefits of personal branding for hairstylists, provide actionable tips for building your brand, and analyze examples of hairstylists who have built awesome personal brands to support their career growth. 

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Personal Branding Benefits for Hairstylists

A Personal Brand Enables You to Differentiate Yourself From Other Hairstylists

One of the main benefits of personal branding for hairstylists is that it helps you differentiate from others in your industry. Given that there are thousands of talented hairstylists, and likely talented hairstylists in your city, clients have a lot of options to choose from in terms of who to trust with their hair. 

By building a personal brand, you will be more recognizable to clients and have a clearly defined style and skillest that they know you for. People often associate well-known brand names with quality, which means that a strong brand presence can enhance your reputation in the beauty industry.

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Showcase the Range of Different Skills You Have, Like Cut, Design, Color, and Styling

Whether you are an expert colorist specializing in techniques such as balayage and foliage, or are good at different haircutting techniques like thinning, texturizing, and razor work, a personal brand is a medium for showcasing those skills. 

Hence, it is recommended to visualize your brand by making posts representing you as a hairstylist. This can include:

  • Posting photos of your clients after you’ve styled them
  • Behind the scenes content showing your process for pulling off different styles

This content will show the variety of skills you possess and what type of results people can get after visiting your salon. 

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You Can Use Your Personal Brand to Promote Your Hairstyling Business and Gain Exposure to New Clients

Nowadays, social media is the best way of acquiring brand exposure. Growing your social media profiles and showcasing your work will help you become a recognized name in the beauty industry and attract more clients.

You can create business or personal social media accounts to promote your brand and regularly promote your work and ideas. 

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You Can Monetize Your Personal Brand

In addition to the obvious financial benefit of attracting new clients, you can also monetize your personal brand in other ways. These include:

  • Promoting haircare and beauty products through brand sponsorship deals
  • Becoming an affiliate for different products which will enable you to earn a commission every time someone buys them through your affiliate link
  • Starting your own ecommerce store where you sell beauty products
  • Creating hairstylist ebooks and digital courses to help other professionals learn 

A Personal Brand Leads to Networking With Other Hairstylists

Connecting with other hairstylists and businesses can also benefit your brand. As style trends are constantly changing, you need to be up to date with all of the changes and work towards improving your skills. 

By connecting with other other professional hairstylists, you can learn more tips and strategies for styling hair, emulate the way they build their businesses as entrepreneurs, and  follow their marketing strategies to build your brand successfully.

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Personal Branding Tips for Hairstylists

Now that we are clear on the benefits of building a personal brand as a hairstylist, let’s look at some personal branding tips you can use in order to receive those benefits. 

Use Visual Marketing Channels to Promote Your Work

One of the key themes from these tips is that they involve visually showcasing your work. Hairstyling is a visual art, and you need marketing platforms that enable you to promote your work visually to demonstrate your skills and the quality of your capabilities. 

If you are considering building your personal brand as a hairstylist, try focusing on visual platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. These platforms offer content types like images, short form video, and longer videos that you can use to showcase your work as a hairstylist and share videos with tips and advice. People also tend to go to these platforms for consuming content related to their personal lives.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter might be less important, or secondary platforms given they have more professionally focused audiences and visual content is not the primary content format. Although, they do all need hair and beauty products and services, so there might be an opportunity to experiment there by trying to build a hairstylist personal brand on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Network With Other Hairstylists

Engaging with other professionals in the hairstylist community is another great tip that will benefit your own personal brand growth. 

  • In order to get in contact with other professional stylists and learn from them, you can engage with them in the comments or compliment their work via direct messages
  • This will make them more likely to engage with your own content, increasing its reach and performance 

Also, following professionals with strong brand presence may inspire you and give you new strategies as you analyze the way they promote their work.

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Encourage Your Clients to Share Their Hairstyles 

Building a relationship with your clients is of the utmost importance when it comes to your personal branding goals as a hairstylist. In addition to posting photos of your work yourself, encouraging clients to post photos is a great way to gain recognition for your brand and to get referrals for new clients. This way, your brand will reach a larger audience, and you can expand your clientele. 

Positive reviews are another important aspect of growing your business. If a client isn’t comfortable sharing a photo of themselves styled by you on their social media platforms, perhaps they are willing to post a review about your services on a site like Yelp.

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Personal Branding Examples for Hairstylists

As we discussed, there are multiple things to consider regarding personal branding for hairstylists. Now that you are familiar with the benefits and suggestions for building your own brand, let’s look at a few examples of hairstylists who have built great personal brands and discuss what made them successful.

Whether you are a hairstyling student or a seasoned professional looking to take the next steps in your career, there are valuable insights you can learn from these hairstylists in terms of the way they market themselves and engage with clients. 

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Sky Kim

A good example of personal branding is Sky Kim, a Korean-American hairstylist and contemporary artist based in the United States. As you can see on her Instagram profile, the artist has chosen to keep things personal with her brand by using a picture of herself as her profile picture instead of her logo, and has a call to action and evidence of her credibility in her bio.

Kim uses her Instagram to promote the the agency she works with, the salon she styles clients at, and to showcase her work via photos and videos of people she’s styled over the years. She also links to her personal website where you can see more of her work.

The professional hairstylist’s content features Instagram stories showcasing her work as well as images of herself and her clients that she has styled throughout her career.

Ursula Stephen

Ursula Stephen is a prominent hairstylist and salon owner. Once you visit her account, you will find that her content strategy focuses on promoting her business, as well as providing value to her followers by sharing professional hair tips and style ideas.

The hairstylist has worked with multiple celebrities throughout her career and regularly uploads pictures and images of her work at the salon. By doing so, she showcases her skills as a hairstylist, demonstrates her credibility, and creates content that other hairstylists can emulate and learn from. 

Ursula also mixes in pictures of herself and photos from her personal life, as strategy and consideration we’ve discussed frequently at Brand Credential. The pro of this content is that it gives your brand channels a personalized feel. The downside is it may distract from the focus of your personal brand message (ex. Sharing hairstyle tips), or make you feel like you are sharing too much in a public forum. 

Adir Abergel

As a professional hairstylist and a creative director of the luxury beauty brand Virtue Labs, Adir Abelger is another good example of personal branding. He is recognized for his unique style and takes every opportunity to express himself and showcase his expertise and creativity. 

This celebrity stylist consistently showcases his work for clients on his social media accounts, and demonstrates his passion for what he does. His profile features various posts showing his knowledge and abilities as a professional hairstylist. Abelger’s Instagram stories are categorized and exemplify the different pillars of his personal brand, from showcasing editorials where his work was featured to introducing the personal side of his brand with images and videos of his family and dance hobby.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Branding for Hairstylists

How do I write a bio about myself as a hairstylist?

As a hairstylist, your personal brand statement, or professional bio as it is also called, should introduce who you are, the value you provide to people (ex. Your clients), and demonstrate your credibility. 

For example, Adir Abergel’s Twitter bio communicates what he does professionally and highlights the values of his personal brand: “Passionate hairstylist; Aficionado of all things vintage; Devotee to all things beautiful; Values humility and integrity; Love above all.”

How do I promote myself as a new hairstylist?

In order to promote yourself as a new hairstylist, starting a personal brand is one of the best avenues available. The practice of personal branding will enable you to clearly communicate who you are, what you do professionally as a hairstylist, and showcase your work and expertise across personal brand channels like social media.

How do you introduce yourself as a hairdresser?

To introduce yourself as a hairdresser, you should come up with a personal brand statement or elevator pitch. Your personal brand statement should lead with the value you bring to people, a clear communication of what you do professionally, and include examples of your credibility. 

See these examples of personal brands for samples of personal brand statements you can emulate.

Final Thoughts About Personal Branding for Hairstylists

Professional hairstyling is an industry where personal branding is an invaluable strategy for growing your business and establishing your credibility. Follow the personal branding tips and examples in this blog post to build your own personal brand to promote your hairstyling business. 

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