Examples of Personal Brands: 5 Personal Brand Examples From Creators Who Built Huge Audiences and Successful Businesses

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Just like with any skill, observing people who excel at something is a great way to learn and improve your own skills. And that is why studying examples of personal brands from people who have successfully grown theirs and achieved similar personal branding goals is a nice strategy. 

In this blog post we cover examples of a personal brand worth emulating — creators who have built massive audiences on social media, landed dream jobs, and built businesses that enabled them to quit their 9-5s. All through the art of personal branding. 

Previously we analyzed Gary Vaynerchuk's personal brand to break down what makes it so successful. In this blog post we highlight 5 personal brand examples — explaining their strategy and showcasing their prolific content creation and audience building.

Let's jump in.

Personal Brand Example - Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi is an entrepreneur we write about frequently because she is a shining example of someone using online content creation and personal branding to grow a significant audience and profitable business. 

Sodhi started writing prolifically on platforms like LinkedIn and Medium, enabling her to create enough income streams with her personal brand to quit her 9-5 and become a full time creator. Kaur Sodhi is a great personal brand example to emulate and follow, as she consistently documents her process and strategy to share what works with her followers.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi Personal Brand Highlights: 

  • Became a 22x top writer on Medium where posts regularly and 
  • Kaur Sodhi is a “LinkedIn Top Voice,” having amassed over 89K followers at the time of writing
  • She runs her own newsletter on writing and content creation 
  • She creates and sells digital products and guides to help people build their own personal brands and audiences 
  • Created a cohort-based course that's educated 100+ people across 30+ countries 

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi Personal brand statement example

“I help writers become consistent & get traction via my CBC (cohort–based course), Summit 21. 23x Medium Top Writer | LinkedIn Top Voice” 

Visible on Kaur Sodhi’s LinkedIn profile, her personal brand statement leads with what value people can receive from following her and using her products, and she then backs it up in the rest of her statement by highlighting her credibility and social proof she has garnered.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi product and content examples

  • She runs her Summit 21 Cohort Based Course 4x per year, guiding groups of creators through a 21-day course where they learn how to scale their personal brands and side hustles through writing online
  • Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi’s LinkedIn Ultimate Content Mastery Guide explains the strategy she used to achieve impressive LinkedIn growth
  • Her Medium profile is where she regularly publishes articles documenting her journey, sharing lessons from her personal brand growth, and offering writing and content creation tips and strategies 

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Personal Brand Example - Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh is a prominent entrepreneur, frequently sharing content and tips as he goes on his journey to build a portfolio of one-person businesses to $5M— basically the personal brand development dream. 

As far as examples of personal brands go, Welsh’s prolific growth on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are great case studies to follow. He shares tips for following suit with social media growth strategy his followers can adopt, advice and case studies for monetizing personal brands, improving professional skills like writing, and personal development advice. 

Welsh also exemplifies the strategy of disconnecting your time and income by building and selling digital products. He advertises his digital products and content channels like his newsletter in the cover photos and bios of his social media channels and personal website.

Justin Welsh personal brand highlights:

  • Has reached $3M in revenue via his businesses — well on his way to his $5M goal
  • He’s grown this Twitter following to 280K+ subscribers and his LinkedIn following to 330K+ followers 
  • He runs “The Saturday Solopreneur” newsletter where he shares tips for personal brand and business growth with his 65K+ subscribers

Justin Welsh personal brand statement example: 

“The Diversified Solopreneur | Building a portfolio of 1 person businesses to $5M in revenue. Tweets and threads about the process.” 

Welsh’s personal brand statement from his Twitter profile leads with a tagline he created that communicates his end goal for his personal brand: to be an entrepreneur running an empire of different 1-person businesses - that is a big mission that grabs the reader’s attention. The rest of his tagline offers more detail on his mission, and the value he offers his followers in terms of building in public and sharing his creator journey. 

Justin Welsh products and content examples: 

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Personal Brand Example - Easlo

Easlo is a personal branding and creator economy pioneer. At just 20 years old he has built a $200K+ revenue business which he grew through a combination of personal branding and content marketing on platforms like Twitter, and the creation of digital products and resources using Notion. 

He documents his journey as a Notion super user, consistently stressing the fact that he is using cheap or free tools to generate a ton of content and significant revenue. 

Easlo passes his knowledge on to his audience by sharing content consistently to his followers on Twitter, via his newsletter, and giving away free Notion templates and guides. His ability to create a strong and unique brand aesthetic across his channels and products warrants him being included among the impressive examples of a personal brand.

Easlo personal brand highlights:

  • Grew his Twitter account to 200K+ followers in 2 years
  • Used free products and a content strategy of sharing free tips and advice to scale his personal brand channels, like his newsletter and Twitter account
  • Easlo is an awesome example of visual personal branding. His Twitter profile aesthetic, his product design, and his content design in graphics all match, and communicate the simplicity, minimalism and organization that his products offer his fans and customers

Easlo personal brand statement example: 

“The Notion Guy. I help creators & business owners get organize & productive with no-code.”

Visible on Easlo’s Twitter profile, his personal brand statement leads with a tagline that speaks to his established reputation as a Notion expert. He follows that proclamation with the value he offers his niche target audience of creators and business owners through his products that make them more productive and help them grow their audiences.

Easlo products and content examples:

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Personal Brand Example - Ish Verduzco 

Social media community building expert and author Ish Verduzco has built a prominent personal brand across channels like Twitter and Instagram. 

He shares insights from his 8-year career building social media audiences at brands like LinkedIn, Snap, and a16z. His ability to repeatedly scale social media communities has led him to a dedicated following on his own channels and position as a thought leader on topics like social media growth, business, and personal development. 

Verduzco regularly posts valuable content for his followers across his channels, and masterfully repurposes content from one channel to another to get maximum ROI — one of the many insights he shares and demonstrates. 

Personal Brand Highlights:

  • Grew his Twitter following to 80,000 followers and LinkedIn following to 34,000 at the time of writing
  • Verduzco has created several digital products, including the “How to 10x on Twitter” course and the self development book “How Successful People Get Ish Done
  • Manages several other ventures, such as an NFT brand and new SaaS platform for Twitter growth 

Ish Verduzco Personal Brand Statement Example:

"Hola, I'm Ish 👋🏽

Currently leading Social & Community @ a16z crypto. 👾

Ex LinkedIn, Snap, & Crave It (social food app). 📲

During my time at LinkedIn, I also went on a National DJ tour w/ pitstops in LA, Miami, & Las Vegas.🌴

While working at Snap, I published a book aimed at helping people from underrepresented groups achieve their goals. 📓

When I was at Crave It, I also launched a 3D NFT Project called Primobots. 🤖

I also have a podcast aimed at helping creators & entrepreneurs with their projects. 📈

Thanks for checking out my content!



Verduzco’s personal brand statement uses a bulleted approach to highlight as much of the value he creates for his followers as he can, and for good reason. His statement presents a well rounded view of his personal brand, including educational resources he created, professional accomplishments, and personal elements.

Ish Verduzco products and content examples:

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Personal Brand Example - Dulma

Dulma is a creator and entrepreneur who turned her TikTok channel into a jumping off point for massive personal brand growth and the start of a full time business. Dulma’s TikTok videos originally focused on analyzing DTC and ecommerce brands, with a specific focus on female-led businesses. She’s since expanded her content to include helping fellow creators achieve personal brand growth. 

Her creator-focused content regularly references how the mentality of getting out there and creating ASAP and setting aside any fears was a big part of her ascent to an influencer success story in one year. 

Dulma rapidly grew her followings on TikTok and Twitter through quality content that resonates with her target audience and insanely consistent content creation. In this Tweet she shared how she completed several “100 day challenges” where she posted on a designated channel (TikTok in this case) every day for 100 days. These sprints of extreme content creation consistency helped her catapult her personal brand forward. For example, her most recent 100-day TikTok challenge netted her nearly 100K followers & six figures in brand deals in 1 year.

Dulma personal brand highlights:

  • Grew her TikTok channel to nearly 100K followers by consistently creating content and honing in on a content style— in this case brand reviews— that resonated with her target audience 
  • Her DTC takes and creator advice have been featured in publications like WWD, Glossy, and Morning Brew
  • Dulma runs the Substack newsletter “Due Diligence,” a newsletter & podcast of in-depth case studies on female-founded brands
  • Her primary business model is brand sponsorship on her media properties listed above. She has been successful enough to leave her 9-5 to build her business full time

Dulma personal brand statement example:

“I make nerdy TikTok content analyzing DTC & ecommerce brands. 98K+ followers, featured in WWD, Glossy, Morning Brew: http://tiktok.com/@iamdulma” 

Appearing on Dulma’s Twitter profile, her personal brand statement leads with what she offers her audience, and then follows it up with proof of her talent and social proof from recognition she has received.

Dulma products and content examples

  • Due Diligence,” a Substack newsletter & podcast of in-depth case studies on female-founded brands
  • An example of one of her brand spotlight’s can be found here in her breakdown on nail polish brand Mooncat

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Examples of Personal Brands - Common Themes

Each of the creators reviewed in this blog post has a unique personal brand. However, a closer look shows you that there are common threads to their success that you can follow.

  • They create a ton of content - each of these creators has a strong work ethic as a personal brand attribute, and it is apparent in the volume of content they create. From Tweets to TikTok videos to newsletters these creators are publishing quality content in high volumes every week to grow their followings and businesses
  • They monetize their personal brands - through digital products, paid content, brand sponsorships, and other business and product models these creators have found ways to monetize their brands to significant side hustles or full time careers
  • Strong personal brand statements and messaging - each of the creators in this blog has a clear message and mission that they are on. Their personal brand goals and vision come through in their bios, content and products - use this personal branding framework to develop your own goals, vision and messaging
  • Visual aesthetic - they created graphics, profile photos, and profile branding to make their content look and feel like them across channels
  • They just decided to get started - a common mantra for each of these creators is to just start creating. They don’t let fear of what others think, not making perfect content, or failing in some other way hold them back from chasing their goals. A quick look at their social channels suggests they think you shouldn’t either

Examples of Personal Brands - Final Thoughts

The examples of personal brands in this blog post can serve as inspiration, and also offer strategies you can emulate to grow your own channels, start side hustles, and ultimately achieve your personal brand goals

Bonus Personal Branding Tips and Insights

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