Personal Branding for Photographers

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With so many social media platforms allowing everyone to post pictures, it has led to an influx of so-called amateur photographers. These "photographers" gather a massive following, making it difficult for professional photographers to get their work out there.

This is why good personal branding for photographers is a must for every budding photographer looking to advance their career. If you want to reach a wider audience with your photography, you need more than excellent talent and a good camera. 

So, this is where we come in to help you develop a good branding strategy.

Personal Branding Benefits for Photographers

A personal brand enables you to showcase your photography skills and work 

You can show off your skills and work as a photographer through personal branding. With a good branding strategy, you will be able to reach your target audience and showcase what makes you stand out amongst the sea of other available photographers. 

The visual aspect of photography branding is, of course, among the most important. It tells your audience who you are as a creative and what they can expect from your work. We will put your photographs at the forefront of your brand.

You can use your personal brand to promote your work and gain exposure to more clients for your photography business 

Making your presence known on the market via a personal branding strategy will only attract more clients to your photography business. With the branding strategy, we help you develop your brand to be seen on multiple platforms and gain more exposure. 

The best way to gather a following is by having profiles on more social media platforms and a dedicated website for your photography where your audience and potential clients can follow you. 

People need to recognize your work from a simple photograph, which is possible with solid personal branding. The more clients you reach, the bigger the legitimacy of your work and business becomes. 

You can expand your network to meet fellow photographers and creative professionals

Finding fellow creatives to share experiences and tips with is incredibly important. However, not everyone around you is a photographer, photo editor, etc. Often other photographers will find you through your brand, which is why an online presence is a must.

Therefore, you will be able to expand your network of fellow photographers with whom you can build lasting professional relationships. 

Personal Branding Tips for Photographers

Develop your personal brand on channels that allow you to create and share photography like Instagram and VSCO.

The best way to develop your personal brand is by sharing your work on channels dedicated to photography, creating, and sharing, such as Instagram and VSCO.

You can also consider channels like TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat if you also like to create and share video content.

Channels that allow you also to share video content are great for documenting the behind-the-scenes processes that go into your photography work. The videos can also serve as a tool to attract more clients to your brand. 

Also, you can create videos sharing tips for bettering the photography skills of beginner photographers, which will attract new creatives to your platform.

Connect with other photographers on social media to network, and to emulate the way they build their personal brands and create content

Social media, as we know, is great for connecting with friends and family. However, a photography-oriented social media platform like Instagram is also excellent for connecting with other photographers.

The best starting point to engage with other photographers is commenting on their recent posts. You can tell them what you like about the photographs they share, which will likely start a conversation between you.

Another way to connect with a photographer on social media is by sending them a direct message. You can ask them for tips on content creation and building a brand once you break the ice.

Create content that focuses on demonstrating different aspects of your skills

When building your personal brand, it is important that you demonstrate more aspects of your skills. For example, if your professional work encompasses shooting, editing, and color-correcting photographs, you should post content that showcases each skill specifically. 

Many photographers only shoot their photos and use photo editors to edit and perfect them. However, if you are doing every process yourself, your audience should know it. When you showcase every aspect of your skillset, your clients will be more convinced to choose you as their photographer.

Personal Branding Examples for Photographers

Alyssa Vaphiades

Alyssa Vaphiades is an example of a photographer with successful personal branding. Her profile clearly showcases her photography style through bold and colorful photographs intended to invoke emotions and happiness. 

Alyssa works with digital and film photography. So, if you are a photographer that aims to offer their skills to capture people's important moments like weddings and celebrations, she is the photographer to emulate. 

When you visit Alyssa's Instagram profile, you can see that the photographer regularly makes new posts that showcase her latest projects, which keeps her followers engaged with her work. 

In the artist's bio section, she has a link to her website to read more about her and where her work has been posted. 

Josh Packer

Josh Packer is an excellent landscape photographer with a significant following on Instagram, where he regularly posts his latest projects. If you are a nature photographer looking to develop their brand Josh Packer's way of creating content is excellent to emulate.

His photographs have bold colors that create a sense of wonder in the observer. He often engages with his audience via the comment section on his posts, attracting more traffic to his profile. 

In the highlights section, he posts about the prints available on his website for purchase and his interests, like photography podcasts.

Anton Kawasaki

Anton Kawasaki is a photographer with a large audience on Instagram whose photographs are all shot on various iPhones. He has successfully developed his brand as a niche corner, which makes his work instantly recognizable. 

So, if you are a new photographer that does not yet have the funds for expensive brand cameras, Kawasaki is proof that talent goes a long way, and he is the perfect person to emulate.

Moreover, Anton describes himself as a mobile street photographer. He posts pictures that capture life on New York streets.

Bonus Personal Branding Insights and Tips

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