Personal Branding for Artists

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Whether you’re a painter, filmmaker, photographer, illustrator, or a different kind of artist, you should focus on building a personal brand before the world creates one for you.

In fact, you already have a personal brand - you. In this article, you’ll learn how to expose yourself and your artwork to the world and benefit from your personal brand.

Personal Branding Benefits for Artists

The list of benefits can go on and on. But we’ll focus on the main and most important advantages of personal branding for artists, which basically are the reason why you should start building your personal brand right now. 

Showcase your skills

Using personal branding as an artist is the best way to show your work and skillset. Your personal brand can be something like a resume, but better, as it can show your professional identity and level of expertise.


The ability to showcase your skills and work puts you on the map for better opportunities. People interested in art or companies working in your particular industry can access your work. The better you are, the more influence you have on their decisions, and that’s how you get more offers.


It’s not just about finding new clients. Personal branding for artists is one of the best methods to become an authority in your niche and reach out to meet creative professionals.

As an artist, you know well that building relationships with other creative minds is very useful and inspiring. Your personal brand can help you expand your network and connect you with the family you belong to.

Personal Branding Tips for Artists


Sharing is personal branding! You can develop your personal brand through various channels simultaneously, depending on whether you want to write, talk, or speak.

Use social media platforms to share pieces of your art. LinkedIn and Twitter are great if you want to talk about your work progress. You can use your YouTube channels to transform the written content from LinkedIn to nice videos. 


To expand your network and reach out to potential clients and fellow artists, connect and engage with others. Although having a website is a plus, social media enables you to talk to people. Try to be active by commenting on people’s posts on social or forums.


Following the previous step is also a great way to demonstrate your expertise. People who find your content helpful and professional will start trusting you. This leads to more traffic and engagement, which results in more profit and other benefits.

We believe the best way to demonstrate your skills, talent, creative identity, and expertise level is through helping other artists grow. If you want, you can try creating videos explaining a specific technique to beginners or posting guides that your readers can use to improve their work.

Personal Branding Examples for Artists


Mike Winkelmann, or Beeple, is a graphic designer and digital artist. Currently, he has about 736K followers on Twitter and 2.4M followers on Instagram.

He uses his channels to promote his work. Since he already has a well-developed personal brand, we can notice that he uses his Twitter, for instance, to engage with other digital artists.

So, a tip you can definitely take from Beeple is that you have to maintain the relationship you have with the people in your network. It’s not just about growing the network and gaining new followers but also about being present, talkative, and supportive to other fellow artists.

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast, or Scott Martin by his real name, is an illustrator, designer, and NFT artist. Just like the digital artist we mentioned above, Burnt Toast is very popular in his industry.

His personal brand and business brand are mixed together. However, thanks to his constant presence and work promotion, he successfully maintains his relationship with his network of followers and colleagues.

To develop your personal brand like Burnt Toast, you should regularly promote your work on social media. Also, you should work on your website and ensure the web design matches your identity as an artist. Don’t forget to stay in the loop of your industry so you can discuss various events with your followers and colleagues.

Carina Francioso

Here we have an award-winning fine artist whose works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. Besides promoting her work on social media and through her website, Carina’s personal brand strategy includes posting tips and guides to beginner artists.

The videos, guides, and the popular art course are fantastic tools through which Carina connects with her followers and grows her network. This personal branding method enables Carina to build authority in the industry.

If you analyze Carina’s personal branding approach, you’ll notice that sharing knowledge is a powerful tool to gain influence and stay relevant.

Tatiana Londono

Personal branding works for everybody, from painters to designers, illustrators, filmmakers, art directors, etc. However, it works for other professions too.

Even though Tatiana Londono isn’t an artist but a real estate broker and coach, she is an excellent example of how to use personal branding to your advantage. She shares different content types through various channels, including TikTok, which is very popular among youngsters.

She builds her personal brand as an authority in the niche by posting videos with tips on real estate investing. She shares her experience and knowledge, and that’s how she gains trust and grows her network.

We can conclude that one of the ways you can benefit from personal branding is to focus on helping your audience achieve success by sharing your knowledge and experience.


Last but not least is Kenny, a finance and economics coach who helps beginners achieve financial independence. Kenny also shares tips and hacks on how to manage your finances, invest, and profit.

He has built and developed his personal brand presenting himself as a knowledgeable individual who has a successful story. Now, he wants to share his experience and, thus, gain influence, grow his network, and promote his expertise.

You can take Kenny as an example of a guide for developing personal branding for artists. We believe you can benefit by sharing short videos of your work with step-by-step instructions on the work process.

Bonus Personal Branding Insights and Tips

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