Personal Branding For Coaches

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Personal branding is the way people recognize you and your actions and the way you show your expertise. It is a powerful tool that many successful individuals and businesses use worldwide.

Moreover, the coaching industry has become very popular and has exponentially grown over the last decade. Thousands of coaches help people become better at certain aspects of their lives.

This article aims to tell you how you can use personal branding for coaches and how it can help you improve your coaching career and business.

Why Personal Branding for Coaches?

If you’re a full-time coach trying hard to establish a successful career and business, and it seems like you’re lacking something, then personal branding might be just that.

Having no personal branding as a coach, even if you have many satisfied clients, means that you’re lacking behind. 

A personal brand can advance you and your skills further in your career, but taking the right personal branding strategy is crucial for success and reaping the benefits that come with it. 

Speaking of benefits, let’s look at how personal branding will uplift your coaching business and career.

Benefits of Personal Branding for Coaches

There are multiple benefits to promoting your personal brand as a coach. Below you can find the most important ones.

It promotes your expertise while helping you gain recognition

Personal brands are like a symbol. They show when people or companies have impeccable skills in a particular area. 

Your personal brand as a coach will help show your audience your expertise in your niche. 

In time, your brand and name will gain recognition, and people will know who you are and what your brand is about, even before you introduce yourself.

It will start attracting the right people to you

Getting the right audience to follow you is the most challenging task without a personal brand. 

They don’t have a way of knowing who you are, what you do, and how you can help make their lives better.

Your personal brand as a coach will help promote your business, with the ultimate goal of attracting the right people to your cause and making them trust you. This will also result in building valuable relationships with your most dedicated followers.

It will expose you to a broader and larger audience

By utilizing the power of personal branding, your online presence will increase, which means you will reach a wider audience.

Your already established audience can also promote your personal brand by sharing your skills and expertise with their own social media or other networks.

This way, you will become memorable and relatable, and the instant someone mentions your brand, they will know who you are and what you do.

It will expand your network and help you meet fellow coaching professionals

Let’s not forget about connecting and collaborating with other fellow coaches.

Your brand will expand your network and help you reach coaching colleagues from all over the world. 

By collaborating with them, you will get insights into new techniques and skills in your niche while expanding your audience and network further.

Using guest podcasts to connect with fellow coaching colleagues is a great way to introduce your brand to their audience.

How to Grow Your Personal Brand as a Coach

If you’ve already decided to start implementing a personal coaching brand, here are a few tips you can follow.

Define the message you want your brand to deliver

Before promoting your personal brand, you must establish your position and define how it best describes you. 

You must ask yourself, how do you want your brand to represent you? What message do you want it to convey to your audience? 

These are some example questions you need to answer before deciding on the message your brand will deliver. 

In the end, a brand represents a clear position, consistency, and association. You want to show people that your goals align with theirs through your brand as clearly as possible.

Start promoting yourself and your brand on different channels

In the past, marketing and promoting a personal brand was difficult due to the limited number of channels. 

But today, all you need is a computer and internet access to start promoting your brand on:

  • A personal brand website and blog
  • Social media platforms
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Forums

The best and most powerful way to promote your coaching brand is by having a personal website and a blog. 

Through it, you can tell and show people who you are, what you’re good at, and how you can help improve their lives. A uniquely designed landing page is critical to leaving a first impression, and a blog section is also essential for showing your expertise in your niche.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are powerful tools used by thousands of coaches. They are a place where you can reach the specifically targeted group of people you need.

YouTube is also a powerful tool, especially if you want to convey your message visually and verbally. You can combine YouTube videos with your website to expand your audience's reach.

Online forums are also great for showing people your expertise and coaching services. Examples of popular online forums include Quora and Reddit.

Connect with other coaches and engage with them

What is the easiest way to connect with other coaches online? 

Using a professional social media network like LinkedIn is probably the fastest, but others like Instagram and Twitter are also effective.

You can establish a connection and a relationship with famous coaches by interacting with their posts and offering valuable tips and information they might need to include. That way, they start to see that you are competent in your niche.

By interacting with other coaches on social media platforms, you will expand your reach and influence their audience to follow your brand.

Promote honesty and transparency by showcasing evidence of your work

You can utilize your website, social media presence, and YouTube channel to show various projects and people you’ve worked with. 

Testimonials from satisfied clients are one of the most powerful strategies to build trust among new audiences. That is why many brands implement them into their landing pages.

If you’ve worked on special projects, you can also showcase a part of their workflow and process with prior permission from your clients.

Personal Branding Coaches to Use as Inspiration

There are thousands of popular coaches online that have successfully implemented their brands.

Here are three of them that we’ve chosen for this article.

Alyssa Nobriga

Alyssa Nobriga is a life coach, meaning she inspires other people to be better and improve the way they live their lives.

She uses the power of positive and optimistic thinking and emphasizes that through her website. 

The way she introduces herself on her landing page instills trust, while the testimonials tell people that she is an expert in her field.

Wanting to help as many people as possible, Nobriga uses her coaching mastery video series to teach her clients her techniques visually and verbally.

Alyse Parker

Alyse Parker is a holistic wellness coach. She teaches people how to improve their lives through online courses and retreats. 

Parker is a young person who is fearless in showcasing her skills which she has successfully done on her website. She explains each technique and process to her readers, using a website that promotes originality and trust.

She also uses podcasting to promote her brand by implementing educational videos to tell people how to become better parents.

Adam Jablin

Adam Jablin is an influencer and a life coach whose positive stance toward life has affected millions of people. His motto is that anyone can wake up and become a hero.

The way Jablin instills trust in his audience is incredible. His webpage tells precisely who he is, what he does, and what is his ultimate goal. He provides plenty of testimonials and brands that he has worked with, showing how much of an expert in coaching he truly is.

Something that differentiates Jablin from the other coaches is that he’s even published a book called Lotsaholic, which is also posted on his website.

His social media presence is well-established, with over 240 thousand followers on Instagram.

Bonus Personal Branding Insights and Tips

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