LinkedIn Post Examples to Add to Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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As LinkedIn grows as a platform, so do the tools it offers creators for posting content. LinkedIn news feeds now resemble feeds from other popular platforms, as they are full of images, video, and other rich content for users to engage with. 

Popularity also means competition, and LinkedIn marketers need to leverage the various tools on the platform to stand out. In the blog post below, we cover different LinkedIn post examples that you can utilize in your LinkedIn social media marketing strategy, analyzing examples of each post from top brands on the platform. 

Blog contents:

  • Question post
  • LinkedIn poll
  • Bulleted list post
  • Branded graphic post
  • Infographic post

1. Question Post

This LInkedIn post example shows how brands can use questions to engage their audiences.

Asking your audience a question in a social media post is a good way to spark engagement. 

In the question post example above from SEMrush, they ask a question pertinent to their target audience of marketers interested in SEO. This led to a series of comments with members of their audience engaging in discussion with each other, putting SEMrush in a position of being a community leader. 

To take this post strategy to the next level, be sure to respond to comments with answers, or posing another question in return. Commenting on responses to your own post will 

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2. LinkedIn Poll

LinkedIn polls are another engaging post format to leverage on the platform.

LinkedIn’s poll post feature is another option for asking questions that offers additional features to encourage engagement. Polls give people a defined list of answers to choose from, display the number of votes received in real time, and switch to a format that displays the results once the poll’s duration has ended. This visual question format stands out in newsfeeds both during and after the poll.

The example above from HubSpot, they asked their audience of marketers for their opinion on TikTok’s growth prospects. Their poll garnered a healthy number of responses, and also encouraged comments and likes, as polls also support standard post engagement methods.

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3. Bulleted List Post

Use bulleted lists where applicable in your LinkedIn post copy to break up content.

Adding bulleted lists to your LinkedIn copy is a way to deliver a large amount of information in a digestible format. Breaking content up into bulleted lists makes posts more readable and easier to scan, and also has the advantage of making the post take up more vertical real estate in people’s newsfeeds. 

Bulleted lists can be used to share content like product features, statistics and facts, and lists of strategies and ideas. Bullet points can be used with traditional bullets or hyphens, or you can get creative and use emojis to add visual style to your list posts.

In the list post example from HootSuite, they use an emoji list to social media stats from one of their latest social media marketing reports. Sharing a list of highlights like this from a piece of content is a great way to showcase the value of the content and lead into a call to action for readers to click to learn more. 

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4. Branded Graphic Post

Branded graphics are a low-effort content strategy to present ideas and branding on LinkedIn.

Simple branded graphics add visual variety to LinkedIn content calendars, and present a way to communicate ideas and demonstrate brand aesthetic. Functioning as a simplified infographic (see below for an infographic post example), branded graphics can be used to share quotes, photography, messages, and other written information. 

This example from Okta uses a short statement to introduce the content in the blog post their post is promoting. The graphic showcases Okta’s branding and presents a visually interesting element to draw attention to their blog. They also leveraged the bulleted emoji list strategy mentioned above to highlight more details of their blog post, making this a highly informative and visually engaging LinkedIn post example. 

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5. Infographic Post

Use infographics to present information in an engaging visual format on LinkedIn.

Infographic posts take branded graphics a step further by visually communicating a deeper level of information (hence the name). Infographics can be used to demonstrate flow charts and processes, list steps and features, present a collection of statistics and insights, and use charts, icons and other visual elements to communicate information.

This infographic example from Sprout Social presents social media trends to their audience of social media marketers. Not only is this infographic engaging as its own piece of content, but Sprout Social also used it to drive traffic to their social media trends report where people can find more trends and data. 

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Check out our blog post on LinkedIn content ideas for additional strategies you can apply on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s post formats offer a plethora of options for marketers to create and share content on the platform. Use the LinkedIn post examples above to diversify and optimize your content calendar.

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