5 Content Ideas to Include in Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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Content has taken over social media, and LinkedIn’s growing platform is no exception. LinkedIn newsfeeds now look very similar to feeds on Facebook or Twitter, with posts full of rich image, video, and written content.

The content bar on LinkedIn has been raised even further, with the platform’s introduction of new content types like LinkedIn Stories, LinkedIn Live, and the growth of its native blog publishing features. To take advantage of the platform’s growth, follow these LinkedIn marketing tips to diversify your own brand’s content strategy.

1. Video

Video content is the top performing content type being shared on LinkedIn, with LinkedIn video posts receiving 3x more engagement than text only posts. That level of engagement shouldn’t be ignored, and there are several ways to include video in your own LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Video content ideas for LinkedIn:

  • Recap industry news 
  • Record an interview with a fellow thought leader in your industry
  • Record a video interview with one of your customers discussing the use of your products 
  • Create short videos that share a quick tip, or introduce a company update like a new blog post or product

2. Infographics

Visual content outperforms strictly text-based posts across social media platforms, and LinkedIn is no exception. Creating infographics is a way to share valuable information with your company page followers or personal network, and also presents an opportunity to establish your visual brand identity.

Infographic ideas for LinkedIn:

  • Create graphs or statistic graphics that visualize statistics about your industry or business 
  • List the steps to completing a task/process, including an icon for each step
  • Mind map the relationships between different ideas 
  • Create schematic style diagrams that visualize complex ideas in a simple way

3. Blog Posts

Blog posts should be a part of every LinkedIn content strategy.
Blog posts represent a key component of a LinkedIn content strategy.

Blog posts are a pillar of a good LinkedIn content marketing strategy because of their ability to host other content (images, video, etc.), ease of creation, and shareability. Use platforms like Medium, Wordpress, Squarespace, or Webflow to set up blogs and publish your content.

Another option is to use LinkedIn Pulse to publish blog posts directly on LinkedIn to share with your followers. LinkedIn Pulse articles are hosted by LinkedIn, and can be either linked to a company page or your personal profile, so visitors can find them easily. LinkedIn Pulse articles are also easy to share, as there is an option to notify your network when they are ready to publish, and you can also share links to your LinkedIn Pulse articles just like an external website link.

Blog posts are also flexible, as they can be written for any topic and applied as a marketing strategy in any industry. Try blogging as a strategy for growing your own personal network, as well as including it in your LinkedIn company page marketing strategy.

Ideas for blog posts that can add value on LinkedIn:

  • Lists of tips (like this blog post) and how-to style content 
  • Written commentary on industry news 
  • Lists of resources and tools that will benefit industry peers or customers
  • Event recaps
  • Commentary on industry trends

Each time you write a blog post, be sure to share it with your network or on your company page to amplify it on LinkedIn. 

4. Photography and Simple Graphics

LinkedIn graphic example.
This image post from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions exemplifies how simple branded graphics can make for great LinkedIn marketing content.

As mentioned above, infographics are great because of their ability to deliver a variety of complex information in a simple visual format. However, there are simpler ways to take advantage of image content’s high performance on LinkedIn.

Creating simple graphics or sharing photos along with your LinkedIn posts will boost their engagement, and make your posts stand out in people’s newsfeeds. This concept also applies to posts that share a link, like the blogs or 3rd party thought leadership content mentioned above, as posts that include a photo often outperform auto generated link preview images.

For photography, try using your own photos of your products, your team, or other photography that is relevant to your industry niche. Stock photography is also an option for finding relevant photography to include in your posts. Try using sites like Shutterstock or Unsplash (free) to find photo assets.

Creating your own branded graphics is another great option for adding a visual element to LinkedIn posts. Graphics like the header image for this blog post are relatively simple to make, and add a touch of branding and visual interest to your content. Think of these graphics as mini memes that can be shared to spread awareness for your brand. While unlikely to go “viral,” every share or audience engagement counts, and graphics help to boost that engagement. Try using platforms like Canva or Adobe Photoshop to create your own branded graphics.

Ideas for LinkedIn graphics: 

  • A simple graphic that includes your logo
  • Quote graphics that place an interesting quote on top of a relevant photo or clean background
  • Graphics that visualize 1-2 brief industry stats

See more simple graphic and infographic examples from top brands in our blog post analyzing LinkedIn post examples.

5. Text-Only Posts

LinkedIn text-only post example.
This text-only post from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions demonstrates how you can get creative with text formatting to may text-only posts standout in newsfeeds and engage users.

There is no question that visual content adds value and should be at the core of your LinkedIn content marketing strategy. Text-only posts can be a nice buffer for a strategy driven by visuals, and provide their own value.

The advantages of text based posts are that they’re simple to produce (5 minutes of typing on your phone or computer), can fill gaps in your content publishing schedule in between more complex posts, and they come across as conversational. Think of text-based posts as mini blogs, following a similar topic strategy to the blog content ideas above, but in a more brief, informal format. Text-based posts provide an opportunity for sharing thought leadership that can benefit both your company page’s content strategy, as well as your LinkedIn personal brand development efforts.

Ideas for text-only LinkedIn posts:

  • Share a list of tips or ideas in bulleted format. Ex. a marketing blog could list out 10 tips for content marketing, and include an emoji for each tip to serve as the bullet point and add an extra level of visual interest and formatting to the post 
  • Share a quote and explain its relevance or impact
  • Tell a story about a customer, colleague, or industry peer that provides value to your audience 
  • Provide brief commentary on industry news, events, or trends
  • Ask a question to spark conversation with your audience

LinkedIn’s growing audience and user engagement rates are ripe for the picking for brands that leverage a diverse content creation and publishing strategy. Follow these tips to improve your own LinkedIn marketing strategy, and take your own branded content to the next level.

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