Top 5 SaaS Marketing Books to Help You Bring Your Software Product to Market

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As a seasoned marketer, I have always believed in the power of perpetual learning. The ever-evolving digital realm keeps us on our toes, and what better way to stay ahead than by diving into the treasure trove of knowledge shared by experts in the field?

This thought led me to explore some of the best SaaS marketing books that can provide actionable insights into maneuvering the intricate world of Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing. Let's delve into five remarkable SaaS marketing books that are nothing short of a goldmine for SaaS founders, product managers, and marketers.

1. SaaS-tainable Growth: Product Marketing 101: For SaaS Founders, Product Managers and Product Marketers - Vimal Cherangattu

The comprehensive guide, "SaaS-tainable Growth: Product Marketing 101," tailors its narrative to address the unique marketing challenges faced in the SaaS domain. Written by industry stalwarts, this book unfolds the enigmatic world of SaaS product marketing, making it less daunting for its readers​​.

The author, Vimal Cherangattu, a seasoned Product Marketing Leader, shares a well of real-world examples, proven frameworks, and actionable insights to help navigate the dynamic SaaS landscape. The book is rich with practical advice and frameworks that SaaS founders can replicate to steer their business towards sustainable growth. It even sheds light on a modern approach to SaaS product development and management with customer communication at its core, a vital takeaway for anyone looking to thrive in the competitive SaaS arena​​.

2. The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook: Convert Leads, Increase Customer Retention, and Close More Recurring Revenue With Email - Étienne Garbugli

With a recognition that a significant 40-60% of first-time users may never return after their initial interaction with a SaaS product, "The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook" by Étienne Garbugli underlines the pivotal role of an effective email marketing strategy in ensuring user retention and engagement​1​. Garbugli meticulously details how to build a SaaS email marketing strategy that not only works but is instrumental in converting leads and augmenting customer retention. His emphasis on creating processes and structure to systematically grow the performance of an email marketing program is a notable highlight of the book, providing a structured approach towards mastering email marketing in the SaaS space​.

Delving deeper, the playbook acts as a comprehensive guide for SaaS businesses on leveraging email marketing to its fullest potential. It covers the principles of email marketing, crafting effective email campaigns, analyzing, and optimizing performance, which are crucial for closing more recurring revenue and converting leads​. This book is not just a theoretical guide; it includes seven deep dives to help implement onboarding, upsell, retention, and referral strategies through email marketing, making it a practical handbook for SaaS marketers. The essence of the book lies in its ability to translate complex email marketing concepts into actionable steps, thereby aiding SaaS businesses in achieving sustainable growth​.


"The Go to Market Handbook for B2B SaaS Leaders" transcends the typical book format to serve as a mentor, a reality check, and a toolbox for those aiming to leave a footprint in the SaaS realm. The book comes highly recommended for anyone serious about navigating the intricacies of the SaaS industry, offering a blend of insightful guidance and practical tools. The authors, Richard Blundell and Paul Watson, bring a wealth of experience to the table, offering readers an in-depth look at strategies to scale their software businesses efficiently​​.

Readers have found this handbook to be an invaluable asset, as seen from the rave reviews it has received. The well-curated content is not only eye-opening but also actionable, giving SaaS founders, managers, and marketers a clear roadmap towards achieving sustainable growth in a competitive market. The rich feedback from the community highlights the book's efficacy in providing honest, unbiased insights on going to market strategies for B2B SaaS, making it a must-read for individuals looking to stack the odds in their favor while scaling their software ventures​​.

4. Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth - Stephen G Diorio, Chris K Hummel

In the modern business arena, where data-driven strategies reign supreme, “Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth” emerges as a seminal read for those eager to master the confluence of sales, marketing, and data monetization. Authored by an illustrious team of practitioners, academics, and experts, this book unveils a robust system geared towards harmonizing revenue teams and catalyzing growth. The narrative delves into the nuances of evolving management models, stressing the quintessence of speed, accountability, visibility, and teamwork, which are often elusive in traditional functional organization models. The authors, Stephen G Diorio and Chris K Hummel, meticulously guide the readers through the transformative journey towards a Revenue Operations model, which stands as a panacea for B2B organizations striving to unify their sales, marketing, and customer support factions into a single revenue team​.

The ethos of the book is encapsulated in its pragmatic approach, offering a treasure trove of actionable insights for businesses at the cusp of scaling. It transcends theory, offering a pragmatic and proven system to realign revenue teams, thereby unlocking the growth potential inherent in a synergistic approach to sales and marketing. Readers are endowed with the knowledge requisite for a smooth transition to this new growth paradigm without derailing the existing business operations. The book is a veritable manual for navigating the complex landscapes of modern selling, highlighting the Revenue Operations model as a linchpin for fostering a culture of teamwork and collective accountability in achieving revenue goals. With a focus on real-world applicability, this book is poised to be a cornerstone for SaaS leaders aiming to bolster their revenue strategies in a data-centric business milieu​​.

5. The New Marketing: How to Win in the Digital Age - Cheryl Burgess, Mark Burgess

This book is a treasure for modern marketers who are navigating through the rapid changes brought about by the digital age. The marketing sphere is evolving swiftly, and traditional methods are becoming obsolete. This book acknowledges the urgency for a shift from conventional marketing techniques to newer, more adaptive strategies, especially in a world where the digital tide waits for no one.

Cheryl and Mark Burgess guide the readers toward the future of marketing rather than lingering in the past. They bring together insights from CMO trailblazers, martech disruptors, and reputable figures in behavioral economics from Yale, alongside marketing sages from Kellogg and Wharton. The essence of this book lies in its forward-thinking approach, preparing its readers to confidently dive into the future of marketing. The authors emphasize forging undisruptable bonds between brands and consumers using emerging technologies.

They challenge traditionalists who find this digital transformation daunting and encourage them to embrace the change. The insightful perspectives from industry leaders and academicians provide a rich understanding of how seismic shifts and accelerating technological changes are reshaping marketing. This book is well-armed with knowledge and strategies for both MBA students and seasoned marketers, preparing them to thrive in the marketing domain of the digital age​

Final Thoughts on These SaaS Marketing Books

These SaaS marketing books are not just a good read but a value-add for every SaaS marketing professional who aspires to soar in this competitive arena. The knowledge and insights encapsulated in these books span from mastering email marketing, understanding the revenue operations model, to adapting to the new age of marketing.

These books challenge traditional marketing paradigms, urging you to think outside the box and embrace innovative approaches to skyrocket your growth. So, whether you're just stepping into the SaaS marketing industry or are a seasoned marketer, these books are your companions in navigating through the intricacies of modern day SaaS marketing. They are sure to leave you with a plethora of new ideas, strategies, and a renewed vigor to take on the marketing challenges awaiting you. Happy reading!

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