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Email has made a comeback, and with good reason. Email marketing was proven to be the best converting marketing channel according to a recent HubSpot report.

It's a tool that, when used correctly, can lead to significant growth and engagement. To help you introduce email marketing to your strategy, here's my list of the top five email marketing books that every marketer should read.

1. Email Marketing Rules: 184 Best Practices to Optimize the Subscriber Experience and Drive Business Success - Chad S. White

This comprehensive book is from notable email marketing author Chad S. White. Updated and expanded, the 4th edition demystifies email marketing, guiding you through its complexities to find the best execution for your brand. It consists of two volumes: the first discusses 184 best practices for building productive, safe email lists, setting the right program goals, and more.

This first volume discusses strategic frameworks to understand the channel’s unique quirks, grow your audience, and steadily improve your email marketing program, including extensive checklists for auditing and optimizing your targeting and acquisition sources​​.

2. The Cold Email Manifesto: How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline, Convert Like Crazy, and Level Up Your Business in 90 Days or Less - Alex Berman, Robert Indries

The Cold Email Manifesto is a powerful guide for those looking to harness the potential of cold emailing.

It reveals how to effectively pitch companies, clone your most profitable client, add predictability to your sales pipeline, and more. This book is perfect for any B2B company, offering insights distilled from teaching over 100,000 people across the globe​​​​.

3. Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck: Have Fun Writing Emails Your Subscribers Will Want to Read (and That Will Actually Make You Money!) - Bobby Klinck

In this engaging book, Harvard Law grad-turned-online-entrepreneur Bobby Klinck uses his skills to debunk old-school rules for email marketing.

He shows you how to do email marketing right by teaching the five phases of email marketing and how to infuse purpose into your message. This book is ideal for those who want to have fun with their email marketing while still driving significant results​​​​.

4. How To Write Emails That Sell: Secrets From The Most Profitable Emails Ever Written - Matt Bacak

Written by Matt Bacak, this book is a concise guide to mastering the art of email marketing.

Bacak, who has made millions from sending short, attention-grabbing, money-making emails, finally reveals his secrets to writing emails that sell. This book is ideal for those looking to learn from one of the most successful email marketers​​.

5. 300 Email Marketing Tips: Critical Advice And Strategy To Turn Subscribers Into Buyers & Grow A Six-Figure Business With Email - Meera Kothand

Meera Kothand’s book is more than just a collection of email marketing tips. It provides a coherent, holistic strategy for successful email marketing, moving beyond mere list building.

This book is a critical guide for anyone looking to turn their subscribers into buyers and grow a lucrative business through effective email marketing strategies​​​​.

Final Thoughts on the Best Email Marketing Books

Each of these books offers unique perspectives and practical advice, making them invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their email marketing skills.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced marketer, these books will provide you with the tools and knowledge to create a successful email marketing strategy.

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