Introvert Personal Branding Tip: Start With Written Content First

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💡Introvert personal branding tip - Start with written content first ✍️.

Publishing written content on social media platforms is a great starting point for introverts looking to build their personal brands. Writing posts on these channels will give you credibility, expand your reach, and grow your network while letting you ease into the idea of people seeing and engaging with your content.

This may feel less vulnerable than publishing pictures of yourself on Instagram or publishing videos on a channel like TikTok or YouTube.

Come up with personal branding content ideas like weekly recap posts about your projects, sharing articles about your industry, and sharing polls to get your followers’ opinions on topics in your niche. These content ideas get people in the habit of coming to you for thought leadership content and commentary without making you the center of attention visually—a nuance that can be comforting for introverts who are expanding their comfort zone online.

Once you are in the habit of posting text updates on social channels and seeing the positive responses, engagement, and follower growth it is yielding, you can consider stepping up to recording your first video, doing a live stream, participating in someone else’s live stream, or sharing a photo of yourself relevant to your niche.

Be careful with these latter content choices and means of digital interaction at first, and ease into them as you gain more confidence to see how your energy feels, and what your comfort level is.

I am currently on this same journey. Starting out with written content was great because it helped me get used to publishing content and engaging with people about my content. I am now pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone again and adding video content to my personal brand ecosystem.

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