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Personal Branding Courses

Use these personal branding courses to expand your knowledge and skills:

  • LinkedIn Ultimate Content Mastery - Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi is an entrepreneur we write about frequently because she is a shining example of someone using online content creation and personal branding to grow a significant audience and profitable business. LinkedIn is one of the channels she crushes, writing consistently and becoming a top LinkedIn voice. Grab her LinkedIn Ultimate Content Mastery Guide to learn from one of the best LinkedIn creators.
  • The Operating System: Grow and Monetize Your LinkedIn Audience - Justin Welsh is a prominent entrepreneur, frequently sharing content and tips as he goes on his journey to build a portfolio of one-person businesses to $5M— basically the personal brand development dream. Welsh is prolific on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter with his consistent content quality. Learn his content creator tips and strategies in this LinkedIn content creation course.
  • Ca$hing In on LinkedIn: Building a LinkedIn audience that generates 3-5 inbound leads a day and 6 figure$ a year - Shreya Pattar is a personal branding and content creation expert who has amassed significant followings on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. In her LinkedIn growth course she shares the same strategies and content creation practices she used to reach 100,000+ LinkedIn followers and to start a full time career as an entrepreneur with her personal brand.
  • Twitter Operating System - Easlo is a personal branding and creator economy pioneer. At just 20 years old he's built a $200K+ revenue business which he grew through a combination of personal branding and content marketing on platforms like Twitter, and the creation of digital products and resources. The Twitter Operating System is one of those products. Easlo was able to scale his Twitter following from just a few followers to 200K+ followers in just 2 years. So it's safe to assume his Twitter marketing advice is going to be solid.
  • How to 10x on Twitter - Social media and community building expert Ish Verdzco explains how he went from 8K to 80K followers on Twitter. Verduzco shares insights from his 8-year career building social media audiences at brands like LinkedIn, Snap, and a16z.

Personal Branding Books

Take a break from reading our stuff and read the best personal branding books to get inspiration and strategy tips:

Design and Branding Tools

Our favorite design tools to help you create graphics and images for your personal branding content:

  • Canva: Canva is an easy to use design tool that enables beginner designers to create professional looking marketing collateral and assets, while also providing tools for more experienced designers to expedite their workflows. Their digital content creation templates include social media posts for different platforms, PDFs, pitch decks and presentations, and even logos. Their templates print collateral cover flyers, posters, business cards, and swag like t-shirts and stickers. Canva’s product offering goes beyond still asset design, with an online video maker and editor and video intro templates for creating video content for sites like YouTube. Canva gives marketers with all levels of design skill a powerful multi-faceted tool to deliver their branding and marketing across channels. 
  • Visme: Visme is a visual design platform that features tools and templates for designing a variety of branded assets, and features collaboration and storage tools to make managing design projects and assets easy. Visme has templates for presentations, infographics, charts and graphs, and social media content. Visme also has a library of helpful assets for using in your designs like icons, data visualization systems, and photography. Visme is a design platform for enter level designers as well as more polished designers, and it also offers a library of tutorials and design classes to help people learn design skills as well as their platform.

Social Media Marketing

Brand Credential's favorite social media marketing tools:

  • Sprout Social - Sprout Social is one of the leading social media automation platforms. It has post scheduling across platforms, comprehensive analytics, social listening tools to see when your brand is mentioned or tagged in posts, and competitor reporting. Sprout Social continues to add helpful features for social media marketers, and is a tool you can’t go wrong with. 
  • HubSpot - HubSpot offers a suite of marketing tools that include social media publishing across platforms. HubSpot features email marketing automation, lead capture tools like contact forms and chatbots for your website, and a built in CRM to show the ROI of your marketing efforts flowing directly into sales conversion. 

Website Building Tools

Our top picks for platforms you can use to easily create your own website or blog:

  • Webflow: Webflow is emerging as a popular all-in-one website design and hosting platform that is being used by everyone from bloggers to enterprise SaSS companies. It’s no-code solution lowers the barrier to entry for non-coders to create beautiful websites for their brands, and its integrations with professional tools like Google Analytics, e-commerce (see Shopify below), and marketing platforms offer Webflow users plenty of options for building their businesses online. They also have a growing community of pro users that you can hire to create your site, and online tutorials for learning how to use it yourself. 
  • Shopify: Shopify has exploded as SMBs take their businesses online. It’s online store setup features, all-in-one web hosting, and design templates enable users to quickly setup and publish an online store for their business and build out pages for all of their products and services. Shopify is highly recommended for businesses of all sizes looking to sell products online, with plenty of case studies and examples to guide you. Shopify has also expanded its service offerings over the years into marketing tools, and has features like email marketing, ad management, and point of sale (buy now buttons, forms, affiliate links, etc). 

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing Platforms and Tools

  • MailChimp - MailChimp is a leading email marketing platform designed for individuals, SMBs, and enterprise customers. MailChimp built out its core offering around email marketing, giving customers features like contact list hosting, email newsletter signup forms to help grow contact lists, email layout and content creation tools, and newsletter and email scheduling. MailChimp has expanded this offering across other functions of marketing, including website creation and hosting, social media advertising, and marketing insights and analytics tools.
  • HubSpot - As a part of HubSpot’s marketing automation suite, it has email marketing tools to help automate your email marketing process. Manage contact lists to send emails to, use contact forms and landing pages to capture email list subscribers, and free templates and easy email builders to design and setup your emails. HubSpot’s scheduling and automated delivery tools are great, as you can setup workflows that automatically deliver emails to users who complete certain actions on your website, or enroll email subscribers to drip campaigns to receive a series of emails marketing your products or services. 
  • Constant Contact: Constant Contact is a multifaceted marketing platform with email as a core offering. Constant Contact’s email marketing services are robust, ranging from social media advertising and landing pages to capture email newsletter signups to email templates and automated email scheduling. These functions combine to create an end-to-end marketing funnel to help businesses capture leads and nurture them toward conversion to customers. In addition to email, Constant Contact offers website hosting, website creation, branding tools like a logo design tool, and ecommerce tools.
  • Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform built to help marketers design and support customer journeys with email. Its features cover email signup forms and lead generation tools, contact list building, email analytics, and a customer journey mapping tool that allows users to enter contacts into drip campaigns based on their actions. Campaign Monitor’s templates are another helpful feature to allow for custom branding using drag and drop email design tools.