What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos with followers.

  • Platform type: Social Media Platform
  • Founder(s): Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger
  • Year founded: 2010

What Are Instagram's Top Features?

  1. The ability to share photos and videos with friends and family
  2. The ability to edit photos and videos with filters and other editing tools
  3. The ability to explore photos and videos from other users
  4. The ability to find and connect with other users

Instagram Differentiation

Instagram has several unique characteristics that bring value to its users:

  1. Instagram is a highly visual platform that caters to creators
  2. Instagram offers content creation tools and post types that give users a variety of options, including temporary story posts, polls, photos, photo carousels, and videos
  3. Instagram profiles offer users visual branding opportunities to design the look and feel of their profiles
  4. Instagram offers a business profile option that unlocks lead generation, ecommerce, and advertising tools for business owners and personal brands

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